Dairy Herd-Share

What is a Dairy Herd-share?

A dairy herd-share also known as farmshares, cowshares, goatshares, etc., people buy shares of a milking animal or herd, and pay the farmer to care for the animals and milk them.

As co-owners of our cow (Santana), the shareholders are entitled to the milk from their own animal, however they prefer it.

About our Herd-Share:

Our a2 guernsey cow (Santana), provides us with gallons of rich golden guernsey milk daily.

She lives on pasture and is fed supplemental organic grain & alfalfa during milk to meet her nutritional requirements.

We are sending her milk away to a lab for testing every month to ensure a TOP quality product is being provided to you consistently.

As it stands, the current cdfa standard for raw milk in California allows no more than 15,000 bacteria per milliliter and no more than 10 coliform bacteria per milliliter. Our April test results came back at 1,100 bacteria, and less than 1 coliform bacteria! Placing our milk in the 90th percentile! YUM!


This year we are doing things a little differently.

We will be placing our fresh RAW milk out in the farm stand for members to pick up at their leisure. Instead of signing up for a recurring milk by paying ahead, milk cost will be available daily @ $10 per half gallon.

There is an annual $20 members fee for access to the farm stand. If you’d like to reserve milk on a specific day, let us know via text or email (831-332-5131) andersonvalleycommunityfarm@gmail.com

Please return jars EVERY TIME you pick up new milk or dairy products. We reuse the glass ones. They will be stamped with our sticker so you can easily identify them to return them. Thank you!

How to Sign up?

By paying your annual $20 member fee. You have access to the farm stand and all the milk and products available for sale within.

If you’d like recurring milk, once a week… we can reserve that for you. Let us know ahead of time by sending an email or a text to us with your preferred day, and quantity.

We will not be accepting pre-payment for milk this year, so be sure to bring cash or check to the farm stand every visit to purchase your milk and other farm products. Thank you!