Anderson Valley Community Farm is a newly launched farm and community space on fifty acres of prime agricultural property, with a huge orchard, adjacent to downtown Boonville, CA. Boonville is a fairly remote small town in the Anderson Valley twenty eight miles from the Pacific Ocean and 2.5 hours north of San Francisco. Boonville has cafes, restaurants, a brewery and numerous wine tasting rooms, all a 5-minute walk from the farm. Further down the valley there are swim spots on the river beneath the redwood trees.

We are a CSA and produce lots and lots of varied vegetables, fruits, and animal products, using organic, biodynamic, and permaculture methods. We keep cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens for meat and eggs. We live work and eat together under the guiding principles that our food system is destroying the environment while limiting access to healthy food for most people.

Our mission is to create for the local community a stable, “closed system” farm that will produce food for our community and be a place for people to learn about sustainable agriculture.

The project is organized by the following areas of mission focus:
Healing and building the soil, water, and other natural systems on the farm
Producing high quality food and medicines for our local community using organic practices.
Creating opportunity for people to connect to nature through agriculture
Educating about organic food and herbal medicine production, biodynamic methods and permaculture.
Using rotational grazing and low-stress management techniques to provide comfortable and respectful lives for our animals.
Providing a good quality of life and a welcoming safe environment to all our workers, members, and visitors.