A2 Golden Guernsey milk

What is “A2”?

When saying “A2” we are referring to the type of beta-casein protein the cow has. It is the difference of just ONE amino acid, but makes ALL the difference in how your body can handle dairy products.

A2 vs. A1

Over time through the dairy industry genetics have mutated from the original A2 genetics of a cow to A1. Goats milk is A2…and so is Human milk, which makes A2 milk…the milk designed to be consumed by us!

A1 or regular store bought milk (yes, even organic!) has been linked to numerous health issues. Causing many to believe they are “lactose intolerant”. The reality is, in many cases it is not the lactose. Indigestion, heart disease, impaired immune response, type 1 diabetes, auto immune disorder, & neurological impairment to name a few can all be linked back to A1 milk.

Check out this great article for the complete run down.

Golden Guernsey What?

The Guernsey cow breed is famous for its golden color milk. Why is it so golden you may ask? This is due to its high levels of beta carotene, which is an EXCELLENT source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is well known for it’s ability to reduce the risk of cancer! Not only that but Guernsey milk has also ….

  • 30% more Cream with 5% Butterfat
  • 12% more Protein
  • 33% more Vitamin D
  • 25% more Vitamin A
  • 15% more Calcium

than conventional milk. Read more HERE.

About Our Cow

Santana is pasture raised with supplemental grain and alfalfa rations. She is producing HIGH quality, delicious cream top milk. She roams the hills here day and night with her calf. We call her in to milk and groom her daily. We’ve had her milk sent away for testing in January and the results came back proving great health. She was within the 90th percentile for California state raw milk standard.

Boasting her A2 genetics, Santana is our only milker at this time. Look into joining out herd share HERE.

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